..about the Facebook whistleblower.

Stevo Cappuccino
2 min readOct 18, 2021

Mark Zuckerberg is just going to play safe and stay close to the innovation circle ⭕. That’s his game plan. He will say “We’re creating something cool people. We still don’t know much about it, we are learning”.

15 or 20 years from now people will say, “Shit! We should have stopped this company “. Typical, for FACEBOOK, it’s better to say sorry than asking for permission.

This is yet, another missed opportunity for everyone to see that the power lies in us, ‘The people ‘. Let’s look back in history: Apple created iPhone in the back of slave labour, we keep buying more iPhones. Tesla uses batteries that contain cobalt from the 🇨🇩 DRC, thus creating or inspiring conflict and then there’s Amazon pioneering the ‘I want it now’ culture which is re-designing our way of life, causing serious mental health to us and its employees.

There are loads of crises just like this. Here’s one more, the Opioid crisis, pharmaceutical companies selling addictive painkillers.

I’m not shocked with this new revelation on Facebook, why should we be? We both know that the real test is for all of us to actually quit the app and ask them to make it safer. I laugh nervously when I think about this.

The question to me is “what is the human cost of INNOVATION ?”.

When this force is the main driver of human beings to an unknown future, we will never look at the cost it bears fast enough. So The Movement will be the same for a while, “Creating is cool, ignore the cost for now.”

Is Wisdom the power to know when and where to say yes and no, or is it to question our yes and no?

We fail at this so well, will our children do that too?

Curiosity killed the cat or Care killed the cat? …Let the future unfold this mystery.

“Those who care don’t know, those who know don’t care.”

Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel (Jean Racine)

Steve Kalinda 🙏.